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Friday, October 06, 2006

From The Hallway

It was an exciting night to be downtown and back at the E St. Cinema for our two features "American Fusion" and "Waterborne." I was volunteering for the event, ripping raffle tickets, handing out program books, eating pizza, and helping people find their way around the theater.

As you may have gathered from Wyman's post on this blog about this evening, E St. also just happened to be screening Babel, an upcoming feature starring Cate Blanchett and some dude named Brad Pitt, and director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu was in the house. Sarah from E St. told us Paramount's anti-piracy crew was in tow allegedly sporting night vision goggles to look for thieves during the screening.

The frequent bursts of warm, hearty laughter coming out into the hallway from inside the theater told me "American Fusion" struck a chord. I peeked in and couldn't stop laughing. People were smiling on their way out, always a good sign.

The second feature of the night was a change-up - the grainy thriller Waterborne, a story from several points of view (including a Sikh family) about tensions boiling over in post 9/11 Los Angeles when terrorists poison the water supply and chaos ensues. Of course, after completing each and everyone of my volunteerly duties, I had a seat in the theater. Just how effective was this movie? Put it this way, watching Waterborne made me yearn for a tall bottle of Deer Park.

After the giveaways, the crowd moved the party uptown to dance, lounge and sip Moet til the wee hours in the VIP room of K St Lounge. Volunteer with DC APA Fest and you will go places! - M.F.S.


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