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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

All About Eve and the Fire Horse

On the Friday before Closing Night it was cold and damp, but we had great turnout for the shorts programs at the Goethe-Institut, which in my opinion were some of the best shorts we’ve ever shown, especially the dark comedy 6 Ft in 7 Min, which programmers voted Best Short of the festival.

I was running late and when I got to the theater for Closing Night, there were already people milling around outside waiting to buy tickets. Our volunteers quickly took over a large cardboard backdrop near the concession stand of some bad action/adventure movie that’s coming out and draped our fancy custom made backdrop on it. It became the spot to see and be seen for many photo opps that night.

We set up the ticketing table and began letting people in. The theater was packed and people were still coming in long after the movie started. Eve and the Fire Horse is a fantastic movie. We were really lucky that Julia Kwan (director) and Phoebe Kut (star of the film) came from Vancouver to attend the screening. I think the film’s strength is that it appeals to many different types of audiences but at the same time cleverly uses a specific time, place, and according to Julia, memory of childhood, to convey universal themes. It’s on the tail end of its festival circuit, and we couldn’t have been happier to be a part of it's travels. We wish everyone the best from the film! Now go support the Canadian economy and buy it on!

The party at Panache on Closing Night was packed and fun. Everyone was there-- sponsors, including Verizon and Hennessy, filmmakers (Eric Byler stopped by, still in town working on the campaign in VA), and lots of festival friends, both old and new. I complain that DC is too small, but I realized that in the Asian American community here, sometime's it's an advantage, because it's easier to make the connections for the support you need. I swear, if you're Asian American and living in DC, MD, or VA, you're less than six degrees of seperation from us.

We'll be taking a break for awhile, but back up sooner than you think. We've got to start picking dates, securing sponsorships, write some grants, and also hopefully bring some off-season screenings to DC for you. If you've heard of any films you'd like to see, let us know. Also, I'll be updating the blog with events and happenings going on over the next few months. Thank you to our sponsors, supporters, friends, families, and volunteers. Please go and support all of these great organizations and companies that made it a point to reach out to the APA community through their sponsorship of the festival. We made it through another year and hope to see you at the next festival if not before!


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