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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

the 2008 schedule has been posted

We've posted our complete schedule of films for the festival here. It may take you awhile to read through everything, but the lineup of films is outstanding. There's something different every day, and depending on the shorts program, there could be something different every 5 to 15 minutes. These films were lovingly (and sometime contentiously!) picked by our all-volunteer staff of film programmers. There's one thing we can agree upon though-- that these films are not to be missed. A lot of these films won't be screened outside of film festivals and the living rooms and artist communities of the filmmakers, so now is your only chance to see them. It's not because they aren't good. It's because they weren't meant for the profit-driven, explosion-loving, blockbuster film industry and the big movie distributors won't get near them for even a second. The incredible thing about film is that it can be an abstract artform, an avenue for teaching, a way for people to communicate, or a call to action to change the world we live in, sometimes all at the same time. The above are just a few of the examples of some of the films in this year's festival that do just that. Check out the schedule and stay tuned to our blog for more recommendations, information on filmmaker guest appearances, and more.


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