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Friday, September 19, 2008

The Best of the Fest (Narratives)

We don't announce the official winners for Best Short, Best Short Documentary, Best Narrative, and Best Documentary until tonight at the Kickoff Party. But we'll let you know now which ones were some of our favorites. Who will be the winners? You'll just have to come to the party and find out!

Part Three: Best Narratives:
  • Amal screens on Sept. 25th at 7:30pm at Landmark's E Street. This is the Opening Night film of the festival so you shouldn't need much of an explanation as to whether or not we think you should see it. It's a well-built character study, complimented by a fine ensemble supporting cast, and set in one of the largest cities in India, making the whole package an intriguing, and ultimately, uplifting experience to watch. The ending is one of the best parts, and that's all I'll say about that. Filmmaker and lead actor will be at the screening, and a reception with free food afterwards, so there's really no excuse not to be there.
  • Santa Mesa screens on Sept. 27th at 6pm at the Freer/Sackler. Another one of our FREE film screenings. Watching this film made me want to visit the Philippines. It captures the energy of people going about their everyday lives and is rich with emotion about children and adults dealing with grief and loss.
  • Kissing Cousins screens on Sept. 27th at 8:30pm at the Navy Memorial. Rom-com alert! It's definitely a comedy, but the romance part is a little more tricky-- it's about a girl cousin that fakes being her boy cousin's girlfriend to help him survive better in his breeder friends' world. Pokes fun at happy couples, dysfunctional couples, married couples, the hopelessly single, and the hopeful single. Do you have "It's Complicated" up on your Facebook right now? Watch this film and you'll feel better.


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