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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

POV Week5

Week 5 was truly whirlwind as we wrapped up shooting on location at
the Georgetown Day School Campus. Since this was our 2nd and final
day of shooting, the pressure was on for all the POV students to give
110% and to stay on schedule. Amanda, Vivian, Joanne, and Grace
arrived a bit early, so we decided to just review the production
schedule and make sure we had everything prepared. They soon realized
there was a problem with the choice of black costumes for the montage
scene that would be staged in a theater. Since the theater at GDS was
pitch black, if the actors wore black costumes, they would be rendered
invisible on screen. The POV crew quickly improvised and borrowed
some outfits from the GDS costume room. When Alex, Nam, and George
arrived we set-up the lighting, camera, and props for the montage
scene. With Amanda, Jo-Anne, & Vivian directing, the scene was
completed in short order. The actors were allowed to improvise within
certain limits as the camera rolled. The improvised costumes turned
out to be a blessing because they added a lot of humor and visual
interest. Next, we staged a scene in front of school lockers. This
was Alex's scene and Nam was his cinematographer. Alex had a very
clear storyboard for the scene and he proved to be very decisive on
the set. Soon, we were outside tying up the final loose ends of the
movie. Chris helped Grace shoot scenes of the car arriving in front
of the library, which would be used in the opening scene of the movie.
And finally, Grace filmed some wide shots of the exterior of the GDS
building to be used as inserts, or cutaway shots. By this time the POV
crew was mighty hungry so pizza was served. While we ate, we watched
the dailies (raw footage) from both shooting days. Alex shared with
us some of the music he composed for the movie and the other POV
students offered comments and suggestions. Having completed a long
day of work (everyone staying an extra 2 hours), we said goodbye until
next week.


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