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Friday, October 19, 2007

Future Music Video Stars of America - Encore

Thanks to everyone who volunteered and came out to support the 8th Annual DC Asian Pacific American Film Festival! It was a great ten days and we couldn't have done it without the filmmakers, our sponsors, and the dedication of our staff! If you weren't able to make it out, check out some of the fun in the the pictures that were taken on Flickr. As an encore, here's a short that comes out of a collaboration between Far East Movement and Wong Fu Productions, based on FEM's latest song, "You've Got a Friend".

Dedicated to all the friends who have helped us in the past but still get together to party it up with us at festivals around the country.

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Friday, October 05, 2007

Future Music Video Stars of America - Pt. 10

Only one more day for the 8th Annual DC Asian Pacific American Film Festival and with that the last video of our online music video program. The final video is by Degue Fever, an indie band infused with Cambodian music influences which leads us to the free screenings at the Smithsonian's Freer Gallery. APA Film is proud to present the documentaries VIEW FROM A GRAIN OF SAND and NEW YEAR BABY Saturday afternoon. Later that night, we are showing the Closing Film, OWL AND THE SPARROW and having our the Red Carpet Closing Night Party at Ultrabar. Big thanks to all the people who came out to the film festival and helped support Asian American film!

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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Jonathan Ng of "Asthma Tech"

The Washington DC APA Film Festival is a really intimate festival. Run entirely on a staff of passionate volunteers, the festival really goes out of its way to welcome and take care of its participating filmmakers. I was honoured (yes, we spell it that way in Canada) this year to be part of such a great line up of films, most notably "Finishing the Game" and "Osaka Love Thief" along with all the wonderful short films in the program. The festival atmosphere is vibrant with a strong sense that it is growing each year. There wasn't much rest to be had either because the staff can definitely party with the best of 'em. Wish I could have stayed longer to see more of the films. Will hopefully be back next time.

Jonathan Ng
Director - Asthma Tech

Future Music Video Stars of America - Pt. 9

Since we'll be showing films at two different venues on Friday night, I decided to present a music video double feature. As one of many Asian Americans artists who go overseas to make a living in entertainment, Yuna Ito sings "Mahaloha" in her latest video, shot in her home state of Hawaii. If you can't get enough of the Hawaiian scenery in the video, come out to our screening of NA KAMALEI: MEN OF HULA at the National Museum of the American Indian where director Lisette Marie Flanary will appear and a local dance school will perform.

In the second video, Karen Lin directs the band Seriously as they perform their song, "Irony". Buy a ticket for our WE'RE NOT IN KANSAS ANYMORE shorts program on Friday night where we will be showing a spoken word short also directed by Karen Lin and featuring the poetry of Kelly Tsai, who will be in attendance. Then, stay for the next program, the romantic-comedy SHANGHAI KISS, where we will be raffling off t-shirts from Future Rockstars of America Clothing and subscriptions to Giant Robot. It's going to be a great night for film and whichever one you go see, you won't be sorry.

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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Future Music Video Stars of America - Pt. 8

In this next video by Magnetic North, a young man deals with the tribulations that life brings as does the lead character in our next screening. This Thursday, we will be showing DARK MATTER starring Meryl Streep and Liu Ye, who recently completed the film Blood Brothers with Daniel Wu, at the Landmark E Street theater. As our Centerpiece presentation, this film which played at Sundance is one of the most provocative of our festival.

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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Roger Fan's Blog Entry

Catch Roger Fan's (of Finishing the Game) blog entry about the DC APA Film Festival.

Grassroots Day 4 - A Pot Belly in Washington D.C.

Saturday, Sep 29, 2007 3:33AM / Standard Entry
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After only 3 hours of sleep Justin, Julie, Sung, and I caught an early morning train to Washington D.C. We had to run like mad to catch our ride at NY Penn Station cause Sung and I refused to get out of our beds.
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An FTG "Hello" from the President's backyard. The grass was dying...

The last time any of us had been in DC was in 2002 for BLT. So we were all very excited to return to our nation's capital. We were picked up by DC Asian American Film Festival President, Christian Oh. He was more pimp then film festival purveyor. And he further cemented his image as DC Mac Daddy when he dropped us off at our hotel and gifted each of us with a 2 liter bottle of Vodka.
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Sung pictured with Tyesha, Tyeesha, Jamal, Tydvia, Hannah, Donald at DC's Pot Belly sandwich shop on 11th & F.

None of us had a meal and it was 3 pm. So we checked in and headed out for a quick bite. Originally Justin wanted Italian. However, we were snubbed with some hard core "spirit dark" at one of DC's finer italian joints, with the waiter insisting that we could not have meatballs with our spaghetti. We love meatballs so we left. But things always happen for a reason. We ended up at a cool sandwich shop called Pot Belly's. The second we stepped in, the folks at Pot Belly recognized Sung from FF3. They were the coolest bunch and they gave us the warmest welcome. In fact, they refused to let us pay for our lunch. We couldn't have asked for more. Great food, great people, and they had a mean meatball sandwich. Thanks Pot Belly!
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Later we attended the opening night of the DC AA Film Fest. FTG was the opening night film. And though it was pouring rain, the energy was awesome and the DC crowd was just great. One of the coolest things about this Journey is getting to meet the many people we connect with on line via MySpace, Facebook, etc in person at their home cities. We finally got to meet our MySpace buddy Nathalie Liautaud and a few other of our Internet family members. Very cool indeed. By the time I looked at my watch it was almost 2 am. I decided to head back to the hotel with Julie while Justin and Sung decided to go walking to find DC Chinatown. Justin and I are headed back to NYC in the morning to attend the NY OCA Banquet while Sung and Julie are sticking around in DC to speak to the students at Georgetown. It is now 4 am, Friday. Must sleep. : ) -Roger

Future Music Video Stars of America - Pt. 7

Local band Exit Clov can be found playing at several venues in the Washington, DC area over the course of the year. And since Eric Byler has moved to the DC area shortly after his film AMERICANESE opened the 7th Annual DC APA Film Festival, you may also run into him at political events around town. You can definitely run into him on Wednesday night at George Washington University when he presents the DC premiere of TRE. Check out the video for the song VIOLENT BERRIES by Exit Clov and a clip from Eric Byler's TRE below.

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Monday, October 01, 2007

Future Music Video Stars of America - Pt. 6

Today's music video selection is from Maia Hirasawa, a Swedish-Japanese musician, and has an elaborate dance sequence at the end that is somewhat reminiscent of the party we had at Eyebar this weekend. If you didn't know, Sweden is located just north of Germany and coincidently, our film festival will be showing 2 shorts programs at the Goethe-Institut, the German cultural and information center near Chinatown, on Tuesday night. Come out to see some great shorts in THE DAILY GRIND and LONELY HEARTS CLUB programs where several local filmmakers will be in attendence to discuss their films.

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