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Thursday, March 20, 2008

San Fran recap

It's hard to believe that a week ago today, the SF Festival had not yet begun. At this time last week, most of us were still a good 12 hours from boarding our respective planes for the West Coast. Now, the festival remains just a memory, if still a fresh one, in our minds. Still there are plenty of digital photos to sort through, and who besides me is still pulling out rumpled ticket stubs from the back pockets of their jeans? Who still has not unpacked? Hopefully, those of us from Sunday night's red-eye back to DC have all caught up on our sleep...

In San Francisco, the festival continues, its closing night not until Sunday. But for the four days, four days that I spent in SF, I packed in a great selection of films.

My last afternoon there, I had the opportunity to watch the 3rd I South Asian International Shorts Program. I attended this same program last year and was impressed with the overall turnout and quality of shorts. This year was no exception. The opening short, "Ravi Goes To School," featured wonderful performances and a touching story. The concluding short, "Clean Linen," was laugh-out-loud funny and such a brutally honest portrayal of childhood.

Hopefully there might be a chance to bring some of these films to a theater near you in the future.


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